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Checking in

Alright, time to check in.

You are welcome from 2 o'clock ish on Friday until whenever Sunday.

There are lots of store options close by, but not a lot to choose from in terms of take-away (pizza and "Chinese" is about it).

I have for borrowing:
- Fold-out mattress (oneiriad)
- Vinter-dyne (skuf)
- Tyk dyne - idk it's maybe not a naturfyld
- Vattæppe
- Half a bed - barring you're not afraid of my germs, sry :S
- Some bedding
- Remember, Xim has inflatable mattresses for borrowing - not sure how many

Puppy guidelines
- The puppy jumps up, can be bite-y, and if you have long hair he will grab it and yank. Pull away and stand up to tell him no. He is quite thick, so be prepared to move away a billion times.
- Feel free to kiss/accept kisses from the puppy, but do remember he licks his own butt...
- The puppy barks to say "YAY!" or "OMG entertain me already". Please do not bark back ;)
- Please do not feed the puppy human food, and please do not offer him snacks while you are by the table.
- I try not to use the word "No" but to distract him if he's doing something not-good (lolol, come and watch me fail).
- The puppy will have to get up in the middle of the night to go pee-pee - we apologize.
- The puppy needs to pee 1) After playing, 2) After waking up, 3) Anytime he is nosing around the area by the stairs - I would appreciate you helping me keep an eye on him.

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