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Reply to ALL the comments! ([personal profile] calvinahobbes) wrote in [community profile] dkfen2015-03-30 03:47 pm

Avengers (again)

So yes I would like to propose a viewing in Cph the weekend of April 24th. It could be imax or 2d on a 32" screen, I honestly don't care. The bff will dogsit and he asks if we can do the movie thing on Sunday, but it would have to be an early showing for me b/c work. I can't make the imax site divulge any times though? Just dates. Pls halp and also y/n?

Ps: sooper sekrit message for skuf: the bff wants to do a thing, and i was wondering if you would Fluffy!sit, maybe on Saturday, if movie will be on Sunday?

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