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While hockey people gather...

I should mention that my door's of course open to those who'd like to go to Odense on the weekend of 14th, but who have not found the spirits of the Hockey Gods. Just let me know if you want to stay over. Have room for at least 3 or 4 ppl sleeping (Oneiriad twisted my arm, I swear ;) )
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I miss Odense. Is it still where it used to be?
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Are you sure? I mean, the politicians are terribly fond of pulling stuff up with roots and depositing them in the middle of nowhere these days - it might have been moved to Christiansø?
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Cool! If it's okay with Skuf, I'd love to come by on Saturday to hang out all of us. I'm assuming we'll be all hockey'd out on Friday :)
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But we will watch at least some hockey vids, maybe one hockey movie first, right? I'm worried we won't have time, since Friday will basically be the game ;___;

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Yeah, of course! Which reminds me, I only have a pretty small tablet to watch stuff on, so if you'd prefer a bigger screen, and if you have room in your luggage, maybe you could bring a laptop? Totally not necessary, though.

The shower has been fixed, and I have a bed, sheets, pillow, dyne, towels you can use.

Is yogurt and oats an okay breakfast for you?
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Jeg skal på kursus mandag-onsdag ugen efter, hvilket betyder at Fluffy skal transporteres hjem til min mor, så jeg er desværre ikke på Fyn næste weekend - ellers ville jeg gerne hænge ud.
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Forslag til noget ikke-hockey relateret, som man måske kunne tage sig til: http://www.hcafestivals.dk/da/details/2042-andersen-fanfiktion/odense/2015-08-16/16-00

Så vidt jeg kan læse mig frem til, er udstillingen allerede åben - arrangementet søndag eftermiddag er vist bare højtlæsning fra deres bog...