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October meetup - follow up

*drags self out of the hell mouth of term start*

Looks like most people are available in the weekend of 24th/25th of October, so if we set that weekend, those who can make it can make it and those who can't will get a chance next time ;) - No word from Kabal, but I think he might be off gallivanting around the British Isle for the annual Halloween meetup (if I recall his habits right ;) )
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Guess you've have had the week from Hell... Urgh.

Won't be able to make it, unfortunately, unless I find a money tree. Might happen, if Kbh Kommune is actually granting me the various support/benefits I've applied for, but until I've seen the money, I don't even dare hope that they'll arrive at some point.
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I am going to stick to 'maybe' until I know when the annual Halloween trip is, if I will be going, and if I can afford anything on top of the 2(!!) conferences I am going to in November. (One of which is in Odense, so I will be poking you about borrowing your sofa :) )
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Yay, looking forward to it!!

I highly recommend going on vacation during term start, *writes while lounging around in hotel bed after breakfast*.
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*throws work at you*
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I can't hear you over the sound of all the howling monkeys we heard in the jungle :P
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Hi! Super late to the party!

I would love to come to a meet-up, but we're having issues with our new house (flooded basement, yay /o\) and I've been AWOL in dealing with it because of a thesis crisis (handing it in on Oct 1st), so I might have to stay home and pay my dues. But if all issues are resolved, then maybe? If 'maybe' is ok? :)

Hope you're doing well - it's been a while :)
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[personal profile] luzula 2015-10-12 03:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey, do you know if this will happen or not? Still considering whether to come...and I guess that depends a little on how many other people are coming.