calvinahobbes: Calvin holding a cardboard tv-shape up in front of himself (Default)
Reply to ALL the comments! ([personal profile] calvinahobbes) wrote in [community profile] dkfen2017-04-08 04:54 pm

It's a planning post!

Next weekend I expect to see Lýsa, Oneiriad, SkufBlnchflr, and Xim. Possible surprise guests: Linden + tiny human! Confirmations/additional check-ins welcome ;)

I have a sofa and a spare fold-up mattress - Lýsa has reserved one of them; I don't know which you prefer, Lýsa? Xim can bring a spare blow-up mattress as well.

I am elsewhere presently, and I might need a bit of elasticity, so let's say I'm open for business from around noon on Friday 14th :) (And if you're planning on arriving earlier, just let me know!)

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