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Bat/Stegelmann tirsdag

Så er det jo allerede på tirsdag, at [personal profile] noracharles, [personal profile] blnchflr og undertegnede har billetter til at se Jakob Stegelmanns oplæg om superhelte og Batman i Cinemateket.

Arrangementet er kl. 19. i Cinemateket, og jeg tænkte på, om I (og eventuelle andre, som ikke kunne lokkes med til Batman *cough*[personal profile] lysanatt*cough*) ville være interesserede i at finde noget at spise inden showet? I området omkring Nørreport og/eller Gothersgade?
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Crazy Christmas Doodle

Nu hvor sommeren er forbi aldrig nåede frem og julestemningen så småt begynder at sprede sig med Yuletide nomineringer etc., så tænkte jeg, at det måske var på tide at kaste mig ud i min traditionelle, årligt tilbagevendende "er der nogen som vil med ind og se Crazy Christmas Cabaret?" kampagne.

Hvis dette har nogens interesse, har jeg lavet en doodle med datoerne på showet den sidste uge inden jul, i håbet om, at så mange som muligt kan finde en dato i København som fungerer for os alle sammen. Der er stadig pladser på forreste række de fleste af hverdagene og lillejuleaften.

Og doodlen finder I her:

Nogen der kan lokkes?

Tiny meet in CPH

Hello dear fellow fen,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying summer <3

I will be in Copenhagen on the 12th of August (right, [personal profile] blnchflr? ;D), and I'll be travelling with the (by now not so) tiny human. I would love to meet up with you guys, if you're in town!

Noon to early evening works best for the tiny human, but she's usually pretty mellow these days, so we could meet in town and go to a café, or go for a walk around the lakes, or something :)

Mange hilsner og tanker fra Linden :)
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Safari 5. august

So - on August the 5th Fisketorvet is going to be hosting one of the Pokemon GO Safari Zone events, where you will be able to have: "the opportunity to catch a wide variety of Pokémon in special zones featuring Pokémon originally encountered in the Kanto and Johto regions, including some Pokémon never before encountered in Europe! Additionally, Trainers in attendance will join forces to take on unique and powerful Raid Bosses that will be making appearances at these events."

Apparently, you'll need to register on site.

I mean, I don't even know if any of you are still playing this silly game, but if anybody does - a few hours of wandering Fisketorvet and maybe dinner/lunch and/or a movie, if anything good is on - would anybody be interested?
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Jeg er måske lige lovligt tidligt ude

Men kunne det have nogen interesse for andre end mig at gå til superhelte aften i Cinemateket med Jakob Stegelmann? Og bagefter se Burtons Batman film? Altsammen tirsdag d. 19. september.

It's a planning post!

Next weekend I expect to see Lýsa, Oneiriad, SkufBlnchflr, and Xim. Possible surprise guests: Linden + tiny human! Confirmations/additional check-ins welcome ;)

I have a sofa and a spare fold-up mattress - Lýsa has reserved one of them; I don't know which you prefer, Lýsa? Xim can bring a spare blow-up mattress as well.

I am elsewhere presently, and I might need a bit of elasticity, so let's say I'm open for business from around noon on Friday 14th :) (And if you're planning on arriving earlier, just let me know!)
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St. Bededag Meet-Up?

Okay, so - if people are not already overwhelmed by meet-ups this spring, I'd like to officially invite anybody who'd like to come for an Allerød meet-up during the St. Bededag weekend - 12.-14. May.

It appears that people are, in fact, overwhelmed. Maybe sometime during summer...

Reminder: April 14-16!

Just a quick reminder that I am hosting a meetup during Easter, Friday-Sunday April 14th-16th.

Feel free to check in and let me know if you plan on coming! We'll have a proper planning post sometime in early April.

International Fannish Meet-Up April 14th-16th 2017?

(By international I only mean "scheduled well in advance to allow people travelling far a chance to get cheap tickets/time off work/etc").

What say you? It's the tail-end of the Easter vacation, meaning that Danish fen at least also have Monday 17th off work, which will be nice for recuperative purposes.

I can definitely host, but it might not be ideal for international travellers, as it's 1,5hrs from Copenhagen by train?

ETA: Headed out, but consensus seems there will be a regular meet-up, and a grand international one at some other date TBD.

Brunch/coffee meet-up Sun 28th of August?

Kære fellow fen

Jeg er så ude af loopet, at jeg snart ikke ved, hvem der bor hvor, hvor længe og hvordan - men nu kommer jeg til København i uge 34 i forbindelse med et kursus - og er der nogle af jer dér, der har tid og lyst til at mødes til brunch eller bare kaffe ved ti-tiden i Valby-området søndag d. 28 august? :)

Håber det kan lykkes med kort varsel - det er alt for længe siden, jeg har set jer!

Kh Linden
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Star Trek

Would anybody be interested in going to see the new Star Trek movie in a couple of weeks? Not necessarily on the premiere date - I was thinking maybe friday the 22nd at Cinemaxx? Maybe take advantage of Fisketorvet's Street Food Friday, depending on the weather?

ETA: Or saturday the 23rd - sadly with no street food, unless we swing by Papirøen - but: with bonus ximeria! Maybe! If she wants to.
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X-Men: Apocalypse

Kender jeg nogen, som vil med ind og se forpremieren på X-Men: Apocalypse d. 18. maj kl. 18.30*?

*3D, fordi forpremierer åbenbart kun kan være i 3D...
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Rec me a Danish book?

Hey, Danish people! I just realized that I read books by Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish authors last year, but no Danish ones. And in general I cannot recall the last time I read a Danish author. So if you were to rec me a Danish (fiction) author, which one would it be? Ideally it would be something that's translated into Swedish. Could be SF/F, or something else you think I would enjoy. My sister's boyfriend has recced me Svend Åge Madsen, is that someone you would recommend?

Also, happy New Year. : )
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Weekenden eller mandag.

Jeg gider godt lave æbleskiver og gløgg. Skal det være i den kommende weekend eller mandag før CCC? I så fald kunne jeg fodre jer med aftensmad, hvis det er bedre.
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October meetup - follow up

*drags self out of the hell mouth of term start*

Looks like most people are available in the weekend of 24th/25th of October, so if we set that weekend, those who can make it can make it and those who can't will get a chance next time ;) - No word from Kabal, but I think he might be off gallivanting around the British Isle for the annual Halloween meetup (if I recall his habits right ;) )
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While hockey people gather...

I should mention that my door's of course open to those who'd like to go to Odense on the weekend of 14th, but who have not found the spirits of the Hockey Gods. Just let me know if you want to stay over. Have room for at least 3 or 4 ppl sleeping (Oneiriad twisted my arm, I swear ;) )
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Ice hockey meet-up in Odense

Pre-season games:

Friday 14 August, 19:30 vs Esbjerg Energy

Saturday 22 August, 19:30 vs Lausitzer Füchse

Tuesday 8 September, 19:00 vs SønderjyskE

Last pre-season training matches were free, I don't know if that will be the case again.

Please let me know which date or dates could work for you. I imagine matches will last for approximately two hours.

Avengers (again)

So yes I would like to propose a viewing in Cph the weekend of April 24th. It could be imax or 2d on a 32" screen, I honestly don't care. The bff will dogsit and he asks if we can do the movie thing on Sunday, but it would have to be an early showing for me b/c work. I can't make the imax site divulge any times though? Just dates. Pls halp and also y/n?

Ps: sooper sekrit message for skuf: the bff wants to do a thing, and i was wondering if you would Fluffy!sit, maybe on Saturday, if movie will be on Sunday?
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Göteborg meetup, date settled!

Okay! I could conceivably wait for more people to fill in the Doodle, but it's been a couple of days, so I'm picking the date that works for most people: 15-17th of May. It works for Linden, Kabal, Oneiriad, and Skuf, but sadly maybe not for Calvina.

Yay! I am so looking forward to hosting you all. : ) There are good trains from Copenhagen (that's what I take when I come down to visit you guys), or you can take the ferry like Linden did when she visited me earlier this winter. Or if you want cheap, you can take the bus.
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(no subject)

Hey guys

I know this might be just a tad early, but would any of you want to go see Avengers: Age of Ultron in the new IMAX cinema with me when time comes?