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I figure it's time to try to create a meet-up in the middle of the country again (well, as middle as we can get without sitting on the bottom of the ocean, I guess XD)

Once again everyone's more than welcome at my place in Odense (it's not too far from the city central train station and there are busses). And again, I can't say this loud enough. It's not just for DANES! *grins* or for that matter, those who took part last time - the more the merrier (depending on the amount of people coming over, we'll figure out some sleeping arrangements, don't worry!)

We're awfully short on long weekends this time, mostly because spring seems to hoard all the national holidays (the bastard). I'll try to get Friday and Monday off from work, so for any early arrivers/late leavers, it shouldn't be a problem.

Yes, one day participants are welcome as well ^_^ (we don't bite, seriously! We may keep you up half the night watching vids and talking fannish stuff, however.)

How does the end of November/early December sound to you guys?

Poll #4441 But when!?
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When shall we three meet again?

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November 20th-21st
4 (57.1%)

November 27th-28th
2 (28.6%)

December 4th - 5th
7 (100.0%)

December 11th-12th
4 (57.1%)

*crosses fingers poll works - hey, it's been a while!*
(and sorry about the bad Shakesperian/Pratchettian pune)

And might I remind you that there's still the possibility of a meet-up in Copenhagen for the viewing of Enemy Mine (one of the best sci-fi movies around). Entry for this is here.


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